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Help The World With ‘Fund My Cause’.

Fund My Cause

Fund My Cause is a place where ‘Bitcoin’ meets ‘Crowdfunding’.

Crowdfunding is a very broad term for raising funds from people who believe in you and your cause.

Fund My Cause has put together a platform where you can get your own needs met in order to help others.

Once your finances are in order, you’ll have the time and financial freedom to help others in your community, your country, and other countries too.

What is ‘Bitcoin’?

Bitcoin is a digital, crypto-currency made from a stream of alpha numerical characters (numbers & letters) and is already popular with many fortune 500 companies.

The concept of virtual money is the future of wealth creation and the opportunity to join a business venture at such an early stage is a huge benefit to all of us.  A lot of people know very little about Bitcoin and need to be educated. Let’s make this possible together by earning while donating.

You can learn more about Bitcoin in the ‘Fund My Cause‘ member’s area.

This is an awesome opportunity to really help people and change the world together, and people world-wide are praising FMC and the owner for such a fantastic program.

I couldn’t be more excited about the team I’m working with.

Fund My Cause is set up to actually MAKE you succeed by making money whilst helping others. It doesn’t get any better than this.

So if you’re trying to raise funds for a cause that matters to you, whether that be supporting an orphanage, feeding the hungry, paying for an expensive medical bill, funding a volunteer trip, or just random acts of kindness, whatever it is, it all starts with contributing to a cause. Just send a contribution to a cause of your choice then start receiving contributions to a cause of your own.

You can contribute to six causes, then you will receive donations for your cause from hundreds of like-minded people.

All contributions are instant member-to-member contributions completed with bitcoins, there are no extra fees and 100% of all funds will go to your cause.

The more you give, the more you receive.

If you’re ready to change your life, and someone else’s, you can have your own campaign up and running in minutes.

Join the number one site for personal crowd funding it’s free to join!

Create a better world – share the wealth….

To our success,



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