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Unless you’ve been living under a log for the last few years, you have probably cottoned on to the Bitcoin phenomenon happening all over the World Wide Web.

If you already know what Bitcoin is all about, and you’re keen to invest and quadruple your investment in the next year >Go Straight Here<

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is all about, here’s a basic quick guide…..

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and digital payment system, and it is the first de-centralised digital currency providing an alternative to current mainstream financial systems. Bitcoins are digital coins you can send thru the internet, and there is full transparency of all transactions through a public ledger called the ‘Blockchain’. Every transaction involves both a public key and a private key. No coins can be exchanged without the private key.

Bitcoin has a number of advantages:

  •  Can be transferred from person to person without going thru a bank or clearing house, which means the fees are much lower.
  •  Can use them in any country.
  •  Your account cannot be frozen.
  •  No pre-requisites or arbitrary limits.

Individuals and companies who participate in and support the Bitcoin Network by providing the computing power needed to produce Bitcoins, are known as ‘Miners’.

‘Mining’ involves very fast computers solving very difficult equations or puzzles. Miners are rewarded with the creation of a new Bitcoin, and with small transaction fees. This is basically how new Bitcoins are created. Without Bitcoin miners, no transactions could be processed and no new coins would be created, because no rewards would be given. The Bitcoin network is only as strong and secure as the individuals and companies supporting it.

And it’s getting stronger every day..!

It’s this mining aspect we’re interested in if we want to invest in Bitcoins and see our investment increase in value at a faster than usual rate.

But first we have to actually get hold of some Bitcoins….and that means buying them from a reputable exchange. Make sure the exchange you use or the person you are buying from is legitimate, just as you would with any other online transaction.

Some of the more popular exchanges are: Gemini,  CoinbaseCoinifyCEX.IO.

You can also do a search on ‘Google’ to find one in your own country.

It’s not a good idea to keep your Bitcoins at the exchange for long because they might not be as secure and under your control as you may wish. Better to transfer your Bitcoin to an online ‘Digital Wallet’.

The most popular one is Blockchain.info’. Security here is much higher and includes additional security such as ‘2FA’, which stands for ‘two-factor authentication’.

If you just buy some Bitcoin and leave it in your Digital Wallet at Blockchain, the value of your Bitcoin will increase over time. The value of Bitcoin goes up and down all the time, but the general trend is definitely up…!

But if you want to speed up the value of your Bitcoin, by a lot, it’s better to get involved with the ‘mining’ part of it.

This is where the big rewards are.

And the good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself..!

Go here to find out how…..

Don’t get left behind on this one….


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