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MLM Gateway

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their businessMLM Gateway

MLM Gateway is a unique social platform which allows you to contact verified network marketing leads. Being able to contact highly qualified prospects with network marketing experience, is essential for success in network marketing and the growth of your business.

Came across this a while back, trying it out, and so far so good..!

Network marketing lead generation is easy with MLM Gateway. This system allows members to share their business opportunities with one another, promote their business to other visitors, publish ‘Business Announcements’ (like a ‘Press Release’), and run free banner advertising campaigns.

It’s also great if you have no experience with network marketing, and are looking for a work-from-home business.  MLM Gateway offers you the opportunity to contact leaders with proven success in Network Marketing.

After successful sign up, you get access to the database of MLM Gateway members, and there are thousands of them.

In the database you can see where they are…which country they live in, which State, right down to specific cities and towns.

You can see what market or niche they’re interested in, and even what market or niche they’re NOT interested in, which saves a lot of time..!

This is a highly targeted and niche specific advertising platform.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable contact based on your selected criteria you can send them a message introducing yourself and your interests. The nice thing about this is that members are expecting to be contacted, so it doesn’t feel spammy in any way!  Of course other members may simultaneously contact you.

And for security, member contact information is not published in the database and each member may address another member only once. This protects members from repeatedly receiving the same offer.

MLM Gateway works on a ‘credit’ system: 1 credit per contact.

There are various ways to get credits….

You get free credits on joining up.

You can get them by publishing a ‘Business Announcement’, which is also great free advertising for you!

You can refer others to MLM Gateway.

You can buy premium credit packages, or you can pay a monthly membership premium. There are added benefits to being a premium member.

The cool thing about this is, you can earn commission if someone you refer buys a premium pack, even if you’re a free member.

So, whether you are a free member, or a paid member, if used wisely, this is an excellent way to make contact and get leads for your business, share business ideas and strategies, and to discover other business opportunities.

Go check it out here….




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